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Pierce Mill. 
We are a creative consulting agency and media production firm dedicated to the power of stories.Trusted and recognized. 

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Walker Lambert

Walker has been designing, producing, writing and directing media productions for 17 years. He specializes in using storytelling to communicate complex messages and ideas in persuasive and captivating ways. 


He has worked and studied closely with some of the world’s leading experts and organizations on social impact media production and won awards for excellence in filmmaking and production. His ongoing work with Iowa State University’s Seed Science Center led the university to present him their Distinguished Lifetime Achievement and Service award in 2019 for the communications and media programs he has built for them. In addition, he has over a decade of experience designing and developing online multimedia programs focused around training innovation for national organizations. 


After earning a degree in English from the University of Chicago, he earned an MBA and a Masters in social change entertainment from Johns Hopkins University.


Karolina Jasinska de Benavides

Karolina is an award-winning producer with more than fourteen years of experience managing multilayered productions for Federal and state governments, NGOs and the film industry. She has built a reputation for managing large and complex budgets, teams of staff and contractors (domestic and international), overlapping components and schedules and international, Federal and state compliance. Nothing fazes her.  


Karolina earned degrees in Applied Economics, International Relations, and Biology.


Our work is richer, more creative and more meaningful thanks to the diverse, global team of creatives and experts we are proud to work with and learn from.


We collaborate with teams around the world, from sub Saharan Africa to Europe, from South Asia to across the US. We work with investigative journalists, writers, production teams, editors, animators, composers, researchers, scientists, designers, and other producers. For location specific projects, we always aim to work with locals who know and understand the context. As a result, our network continually grows, and we are able to assemble dynamite teams given the project.

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