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The Tales of Lina Vasquez

Confidence. Curiosity. Risk. Love.

PM convened a design meeting with early childhood educators, administrators, and researchers to find new and inviting ways to approach families of young children about the importance of health eating habits. This, of course, is a fraught topic that crosses cultural norms and family practices.

After hours of lively discussion, all agreed that there are many ways to approach families, but that common denominators of success were confidence, curiosity, risk, and love.

PM was then tasked with designing and producing and a story-based approach for teacher training program about communication with families that was founded on these attributes. 


Lina Vasquez was born. 

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Lina is a preschool teacher who has many different adventures in her quest to connect with families and communicate key ideas around nutrition and health—not an easy task!


In seeking out fresh ways to tell stories about Lina, PM leveraged the wild success of comic book movies and our deep devotion to the filmmaker Krzysztof Kieślowski to create our own comic called The Tales of Lina Vasquez.

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Working with some of the most creative minds in the comic book world, we produced four comics about Lina—each one focused on the core attributes of her character: confidence, curiosity, risk, and love. 


The comics were the central part of a larger training program for preschool teachers and was met with much praise, interest, and…curiosity…about the new approach to training.

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You may view the complete comix series here.

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