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Butterfly Radio

for JD Andrews Foundation

"Welcome to the Butterfly Radio.
My name is Sylvia. What's on your mind?"

Developing healthy habits in young child is no easy task, yet early childhood professionals are meant to be expert in it. Keeping up with all the new early childhood development research that comes out every year is daunting. Physical development is as important as cognitive and social/emotional development. 


When the JD Andrews Foundation asked Pierce Mill to design an inviting and novel approach to online training for preschool teachers around nutritional health in young children, we quickly realized that we needed something beyond PowerPoint or talking head telling. We were tasked with marrying a lot of information in a compelling format that teachers could complete in their own time and in the most convenient way possible for them.  

Butterfly Radio is an online training course that combines both compelling animated video and radio elements, allowing teachers to watch the training or to listen to it as a podcast.


Working with acclaimed children’s book illustrator Emma Randall and a host of seasoned voice actors, PM wrote and directed a scripted radio show that borrowed from the many interviews we conducted with preschool teachers. The seven episode Butterfly Radio was a hit with funders and with users. It transformed traditional, staid  online professional development into an unusual and, dare-we-say, fun endeavor. 

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