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Story Sourcing

Story Sourcing is our proprietary, semi-formal, journalistic process conducted by Story Scouts using in-depth interviews to gather stories directly from the audience of interest. These stories will be used to inform the design and production of various types of media-based programs.


Learn what people are thinking about, motivated by, discussing, afraid of, inspired by ... so your organization can create a targeted program.

Audience discovery is key to effective storytelling. Immersive, relatable stories can drive growth, impact and change. We specialize in uncovering those stories (see how we used it in our latest project for USAID).


Our Story Sourcing process reveals what people are thinking about, discussing, afraid of, inspired by, motivated by, etc. so your organization can create a targeted program. This holistic view of the community ensures you avoid assumptions and build a program around real lives.

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Let’s work together to find those stories.

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